June to September is the best season, with the peak season in July for the Naadam Festival and other many outdoor activities. July and August are also the mild and wettest months of the year, but be assured; climate is such that you will still have many sunny days at this time. If you are adventure maker wants to challenge your self with Mongolian harsh climate welcome to travel in Mongolia in cold and dry seasons.

  1. Your passport with at least one blank page an should be valid for minimum 6 months
  2. Two copies of recent passport size photo
  3. Visa fee

To apply for tourist visa for a period of no longer than one month a letter of invitation from hosting organization is required. Please make sure visa requirements of gateway countries to Mongolia, i.e., China, Russia, Korea or Japan.
Transit visas for 7 days is possible to obtain at the entry point of Chinggis Khaan international Airport, Zamii-uud and Sukhbaatar railway ports.

Every one coming to Mongolia must complete a custom declaration, which should be retained until departure. This allows the free import and re-export of article intended for personal use for duration of stay. It prohibited to import and export:

  • Guns, weapons, ammunitions without special permission
  • Explosive items
  • Radioactive substance
  • Pornographic publications
  • Opium, hashish, and other narcotics
  • Publications, records, films, drawings opposing Mongolia
  • Research materials, paleontological and archeological findings, collection of various plants and their seeds, birds, wild and domestic animals, wool, raw skins and hides, and furs without permissions of appropriate Mongolian authorities.

Mongolia allows to the following items to be brought in duty free.

  • One litter of spirits
  • Two litters of wine
  • Three litters of beer
  • 200 cigarettes
  • 250 grams of tobacco

Visitors taking antiques and fossils out of the country must have official documentation to do so. Some shops will provide the necessary documents upon purchase. Alternatively, permission can be obtained from the Ministry of Education and Science, Culture in Ulaanbaatar.

International air flights
Only international airport Chinggis Khaan is receives flights from Moscow, Beijing, Seoul, Tokio and Berlin. Beside MIAT Mongolian airline, Aeroflot- Russian airline, Korean Air- Korean airlines, Air China- CAAC have scheduled flights to/from Mongolia.

Another way to enter and leave Mongolian is Trans Siberian railway. Mongolian and Trans Siberian railway connects Europe and Asia through Mongolia. Cross- traveling Mongolian-Russian, Mongolian Chinese border, central Asian Gobi desert, Siberian Forest Mountains and steppe with Trans Siberian railway itself exciting experience.

Although we do not require travel insurance, it is recommended to out client to purchase a standard travel insurance service from your local company. This will cover you for unexpected events that may badly influence your vocation.

If you need some thing that not expected to buy from Mongolia during the trip please make sure that purchase from your place.  The following is a rough guide of the things that will need pack for your trip to Mongolia. Although this may not suit everyone’s needs it can be acceptable to personal requirements or the type of trip that you are planning to take.
Sample packing list link oruulah!

You can make an international call from almost every hotel in the capital and the main cities. Also, Mongolia is widely accessed with mobile and internet operators throughout the country, so communicating is never a problem. You can also rent a mobile phone or satellite phones from the operators.

If you are staying in Ulaanbaatar, you will be staying in a hotel with 3-5 stars and will stay in tourist Ger camp (Mongolian traditional dwelling) or tented camps near attractions.

In Ulaanbaatar or some local towns we assure that you stay in the best available hotel. Hotels in Ulaanbaatar graded as 3 and 4 stars are generally comfortable and offer in-room international standard bathroom facilities, TV with access to international channels, telephones with IDD, room service etc.

Most common accommodation outside cities on our expeditions is so-called ger camps. Made of latticed wood structure covered with felt layers and durable canvas, this dome shaped unique accommodation is heated by wood stove placed in the center and furnished with beautifully decorated wood-framed beds. Shower and toilet facilities are normally found in a separate building outside the ger. Staying in ger is a memorable experience of Mongolian culture. Most visitors find their stays at ger camps to be among their most memorable experiences in Mongolia.

On many of our adventurous journeys to more remote areas we use tented camps. tents of highest qualities, mattresses, chairs, dining tables are provided. When necessary we also provide portal shower and toilet facilities for the comfort of our guests. Our expedition staff set up camps and prepares meals and takes care of all your needs. Tented camps allow you to interact more with the nature and visit the remotest areas of the country.

We sometimes use domestic flights to aimag centers and tourist camps, in surrounding area of which where many of our discovery tours and adventure tours are arranged. Major domestic flight destinations include Dalanzadgad in South Gobi, Murun town in Huvsgul, Khovd town in the western Altai region and Choibalsan town in Dornod aimag. Helicopters are also chartered for special tours to the remotest areas where we can not fly an airplane or drive by jeeps. The personal luggage allowance on domestic flights is 15kg; the cost per kilo of baggage is 3400-4100Tg depending on distance.

Depending on the nature of tours and type of destination we use different types of vehicles; for jeep overland expeditions we use Japanese Toyota Landcruiser jeeps, which is the best available for its type. In some remote areas where we have to fly we arrange local vehicles most of them happen to be Russian made UAZ four wheel drives either jeep or minivan. For sightseeing in Ulaanbaatar we use deluxe coaches and minibuses or small cars.

How long will the drive take per day?
When you travel around the vast steppes in Mongolia, our trip will take about 6 to 10 hours per day and it will cover from 100 up to 360 kilometers / 62-225 miles.

Both traditional Mongolian and European cuisine is available. Look Mongolia provides the selection of best available local restaurants on cities and popular destinations. During excursions to remote areas we provide services of professional chefs who normally travel with the group. Arrangements can be made for vegetarians and those with special dietary needs.

Mongolia is the best place for cashmere products. As one of the leading countries in the production of cashmere, it offers the cheapest prices for the highest quality and design. Lately cashmere production is developing rapidly and being very fashionable. As a gift for the one you care, you can buy beautifully ornamented art crafts which usually use nomadic life.

Generally, Mongolia is a safe destination for travelers. However, incidences of pick pocketing and bag slashing have been on the rise in recent years, so always keep your personal belongings in a safe place (money belts are highly recommended), especially in crowded areas or in places where your attention is diverted, such as internet cafes . Notorious places for theft are the Black Market, the railway station and crowded bus stops. Violent crime is uncommon, but still caution is required at night, and dark or deserted alleys and streets, in particular, should be avoided. Most of the dogs in rural area could be aggressive. Please note that they are guardians of the herd not pet.

The monetary unit in Mongolia is TUGRUG, which is equal to 100 mungu. At the present, 20,000, 10,000, 5,000, 1,000, 500, 100, 50, 20, and 10 tugrug notes are in circulation. Commercial banks in Ulaanbaatar and province centers are the official organizations authorized to exchange foreign currency. They have network of branches in Ulaanbaatar and exchange bureaus at main hotels. ATM machine is available.  US Dollar, Euro and Japanese Yen are common currencies in Mongolia.  As  Feb 2018 currency rate is:

  • 1 USD =2410 MNT
  • 1 Euro= 2840 MNT

Few banks accept Travelers Cheque. But Credit cards and cash payment are . You can also withdraw cash from any ATM in all major towns. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB card are acceptable. It is almost impossible to use your credit cards in the countryside.

The standard voltage in Mongolia is 220Volts/50Hz. Most sockets require a European style plug or adaptor.

We offer private tours to individuals, families, and groups. Our private tours include a wide range of activities from cultural explorations, archeology to exhilarating outdoor adventures (Altai Mountain Trekking, Horse and Camel riding, Gobi desert expeditions, and much more).

National folklore performances, classical art, ballet and other cultural shows are available in Ulaanbaatar. At tourist camps in the countryside private concerts of traditional dancing and singing performances can be arranged.

Look Mongolia is a one of the most responsible, experienced and professional tour operation group in Mongolia which is diversified its services.