General Director

BATTULGA Tumurdash

Battulga Tumurdash is a founder & president of Look Mongolia Travel Group. He has grown from guiding to the top management of the largest travel company in Mongolia before he started own business. Battulga has carried out extensive research on sustainable development of tourism industry in Mongolia either studying for his master's degree for tourism management in Bournemouth University, UK or working as tourism professional. Except from managing the company he is involved in tour planning and operations.
Cheif accountant

SELENGE Myagmardorj

Selenge is an important person for the overall operation of our company. She is a chief accountant of Look Mongolia Company and makes sure the books are in line and the financial side of the company is rolling over.
Travel designer & Sales specialist


Zaya is sales manager and tour designer of the company. She is graduated Gazarchin University in 2005 and holds bachelor degree of tourism management and marketing. Since her student days she worked as a tour guide and achieved fabulous travel experience and knowledge about the country. Based on her experience she develops new travel itineraries and tour products. Zaya is always welcome to design tours for you or advice and help you for plan unforgettable journeys with us.
Procurement officer

Munkhjargal (Haraa)

Haraa is a major person in operating all our expeditions. He is the main fix-it man in our major expeditions.
Haraa is responsible for arranging all expedition vehicles and preparing necessary travel gears.

Tour Guides & Leaders

All of our guides are professional, knowledgeable and they have 2-8 years of working experience. All of them are certified as a tour guide by TDIM (Tourism Development Institute of Mongolia). They always try their best to make all our customers happy and make the tour most enjoyable! They can be not only your tour guide but also your good companion in Mongolia!
Look Mongolia images


Our drivers are professionals with outstanding skills of navigating the unpaved, unmarked country trails. Except for being wonderful drivers, they are mechanics able to take care of any slight damages and occasional breaks of their already reliable vehicles. Most roads outside cities are unpaved we ensure our drivers drive on existing tracks to avoid damaging the environment.