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Month Tour nameStart dateFinish dateStatusNote
        JuneBulgan Mountain biking01 Jun, 2213 Jun, 22open
Altai Tavan bogd trekking06 Jun, 2216 Jun, 22open
Bests of Mongolia08 Jun, 2222 Jun, 22open
Landmarks of desert & steppe14 Jun, 2223 Jun, 22open
Altai Tavan bogd trekking17 Jun, 2227 Jun, 22open
Bests of Mongolia26 Jun, 2209 Jul, 22open*Naadam festival extension available
Bulgan Mountain biking27 Jun, 2209 Jul, 22open*Naadam festival extension available
       JulyAltai Tavan bogd trekking04 Jul, 2214 Jul, 22open
Rural Naadam festival08 Jul, 2217 Jul, 22open
Naadam festival legends10 Jul, 2216 Jul, 22open
Landmarks of desert & steppe20 Jul, 2229 Jul, 22open
Bests of Mongolia20 Jul, 2203 Aug, 22open
Bulgan Mountain biking21 Jul, 2202 Aug, 22open
      AugustAltai Tavan bogd trekking01 Aug, 2211 Aug, 22open
Bests of Mongolia02 Aug, 2217 Aug, 22open
Landmarks of desert & steppe18 Aug, 2227 Aug, 22open
Bests of Mongolia24 Aug, 2207 Sep, 222pax
SeptemberBests of Mongolia03 Sep, 2217 Sep, 22 2 pax
Landmarks of desert & steppe05 Sep, 2214 Sep, 22open
Golden eagle festival29 Sep, 2205 Oct, 222pax

Note: Customizable! Do you want to travel longer or shorter or want to explore more or need to travel on different dates?

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Naiman Nuur Horse Trekking

Naiman Nuur Horse Trekking 11Age 3+Jun, Jul, Aug, SepAvailability 15 Mongolian Nomads move 4-5 times a year looking for good

Naadam Festival Legends

Naadam Festival Legends 7Age 3+JulAvailability 20 The most significant event of the year in Mongolia is the Naadam Festival, well

Treasure of Land of Shambala

Treasure of Land of Shambala 4Age 3+May, Jun, Jul, Aug, SepAvailability 15 This tour is of high value. With relatively

Rural Naadam Festival

Rural Naadam Festival 11Age 3+JulAvailability 15 For many years, Naadam festival has been one of the most important cultural events