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Photographing in Mongolia

Mongolia is a vast country with sweeping landscapes. There is a variety of photographing scenes such as landscape, people, culture, religion, and wildlife as well. To capture the most stunning images need to plan well.

Gears: In remote areas, you may travel without electricity for a number of days, therefore you need a sufficient amount of extra batteries.  You may shop in Ulaanbaatar for it before start your journey to get lost in Mongolia.

Dust: Travel route to unique places are not easy, is mainly dusty and bumpy. Keep your camera and lenses sealed in safety bags while driving on earth roads.

Light: Summer days are long, so the best time to take landscape photos is dawn and dusk, before 10 am and evening 6 pm to 8 pm is the key time.

Photographing people.  Before you photography please ask. *tanii zurgiig avch boloh uu? Especially in urban areas and some particular parts of the country people do not like to be models. If they do not want to be photographed please respect them.

On the other hand, rural people are happy to be photographed if you ask. Take their social contact and send their photos after the trip. It will be a great memory for them.

When you take a portrait most of the people shows very serious face. So ask them to smile and do something to make them smile before pressing the button.

If you are going to use the photo for commercial use, please do not forget to sign for photo release permition.

Photo not allowed:  Photography is prohibited inside monasteries and temples, especially, during religious ceremonies and shamanistic rituals. However, you may photograph temple exteriors and monastery grounds. Sometimes able to obtain special permission to take photographs for an extra fee. Please ask to pre-arrange it from your guide or land service provider.

Sensitive areas such as border areas, military facilities are not allowed to photograph too. To travel places 50km distance from the border it is required to obtain border permission.  Please ask to pre-arrange it from the land service provider.

In the museum and folklore concerts photographing and video graphing are allowed with a certain amount of tax. Mainly it is 15000-25000 mnt for the photo, 30000-50000mnt for video permit.

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