• Head the advice of your guide at all times
  • Bring sunglasses and preventive medication
  • Bring shoes suitable for walking or riding
  • Bring trousers suitable for riding
  • Bring torches and batteries. For camping, torches are very useful
  • Ask permission before taking photographs of locals
  • Be prepared for different weather conditions: sunshine, rain, wind, dust storm, etc
  • Support local business and community initiatives by buying local items rather than imported goods
  • Read guidebooks and historical literature – familiarize yourself with the local customs and culture
  • Join us in conserving Mongolia’s natural heritage
Please don’t
  • Don’t go separate from other members of the group or group leader
  • Don’t approach dogs of nomad herders without the presence of the master. They are naturally aggressive to strangers
  • Don’t approach Mongolian horses from behind or right side. Mount or take off a horse only from the left side
  • Don’t make your camera flash while you are riding
  • Don’t wear too bright, loose clothes when riding. Mongolian horses are wilder than western horses
  • Don’t litter. Please help us keep the environment clean